Our Vision For Making A Difference
In The Healthcare Sector

Dedicated To A Globally Safe And Radically Progressive Healthcare Industry​

Major manufacturers and suppliers in our sector are primarily focused on R&D activities (manufacturers) and/or distribution practices (suppliers) which are not optimized for our target audience in terms of their end cost (i.e., global price discrimination) or user experience.  The healthcare industry in the 21st century requires solutions which are authentically geared toward the personalized needs and successful outcomes for medical practitioners and patients, and not the typical offerings of the current market giants or the pseudo-individualized approaches of some new market entrants.

We believe the healthcare industry’s standard business model of high volume and protected access will not be the relevant model going forward.  Across all industries, the most successful companies are learning to offer solutions that reflect the individual needs and desires of their customers, but especially those that recognize them before the customer does and provide solutions in their most convenient forms.  Think of us therefore as investors and supporters for businesses providing highly valuable targeted solutions which the major industry actors cannot or do not want to offer, who develop sustainable client relationships which eliminate the product and services barriers they face, and not of vendors of conventional solutions with short-term usefulness.  This model will create many new avenues for growth.




We drive growth by leveraging our years of experience and focusing on a Growth Mindset  to help our partners build their own path to success. We are honest and direct to further our learning and progress as efficiently as possible. The target outcome of everything we do is always to attain notable consistent improvement for the clients, employees and shareholders.


We do not accept the status quo. We always strive towards the seemingly unattainable. Aspiring to always improve and continuously innovate are key factors to our success. We change the status quo through continuous self-improvement, and we accept that accomplishments are only possible if we take personal initiative.


As individual professionals we strive to understand and respect the needs, ideas, cultures and circumstances of others.  Understanding is key to successful cooperation and client satisfaction. We endeavor to actively listen to and understand the needs and wants of others.  We understand that without our clients, colleagues and partners we would not be where we are or get to where we plan.  



We value the team as much as the individual. Teamwork, open communication and collaboration strengthens and empowers us all. Individually we all commit to take the initiative to break down silos and foster open dialogue and collaboration. We hold ourselves accountable as individuals and as a group to remove any barriers which limit better teamwork within our businesses, between our businesses and those we partner with externally. 


Across all areas of our organization, we are committed to operating with loyalty, integrity, and ensuring that we uphold the highest standards in our duty to protect our organization, clients, colleagues and our partners. We always have the best interests of these people in mind and will never betray their trust.




Our clients consist of doctors, clinics, pharmacies and hospitals in the small and mid-size enterprise space (SMEs), and to patients around the world, our DNA is in the distribution of healthcare related products and the provision of core business and IT services to business clients. Throughout our years of operating, we continue to discover new areas of opportunity in the healthcare sector, and it is this know-how that is essential to our ability to adapt to the ever-changing aspects of this industry. Client engagement with us is driven by their demand for price transparency and choice in the products they procure, and the services that will enable their daily businesses to function smoothly. We cover a range of business and professionals.



Statys Inc. is positioned as an investment firm with its primary focus on the healthcare industry around the world. Investing in areas of interest including distribution, retail.

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