Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Statys Inc. is a privately held company with interests that primarily focus on business and consumer services for the healthcare sector.

Distributed across Canada, the UK, and countries in the EU and Asia, we are in essence a group of services-based companies, operating within a cross-functional matrix, whose combined economic value is in our sector knowledge, operational flexibility and technical innovation.

We replicate elements of our collective businesses and their related fields of endeavour, pooled resources, and shared information to develop new adjacent companies.

In so doing, we launch businesses that inherit transferrable practices, and this favourable approach means faster time-to-market and lower start-up capital requirements. We generate earnings through a value-added services structure which provide us with annuities.

We take successful models from our various businesses, pool our resources, and share information to develop new units in new markets. In so doing, when we launch a new entity, it inherits transferrable practices. This favorable approach means faster time-to-market and lower start-up requirements.

Think of us as a provider of highly valuable targeted solutions which the major healthcare industry actors cannot offer, who develops sustainable client relationships which eliminate the service procurement barriers they face, and not as a vendor of conventional solutions with short-term usefulness. This model will create many new avenues for growth in our future.